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Your donation to delfine therapieren menschen helps handicapped or traumatized children to finally participate in a dolphin therapy program. Thanks to your donation, affected families can experience moments of happiness and find new hope for the future.
For many diseases and disabilities, animal-assisted therapy with dolphins is linked to a chance for a more self-sufficient life and a better future. Our goal is that no child shall miss out on this chance for financial reasons. Your donation helps us reach this goal!

Various options for donations are available. Every euro counts – this principle applies in every case. delfine therapieren menschen is recognized as a not-for-profit organization in Germany, meaning your donation is tax-deductible.
For donations up to a total of 300 euros, tax authorities will accept as donation receipt your bank statement in conjunction with the bank’s confirmation of deposit.
For donations greater than 300 euros, tax authorities require a separate donation receipt. Please let us know your address after donating. We will issue a donation receipt for you.

Become a supporting member

As a supporting member of delfine therapieren menschen, your recurring donations are a particularly sustainable contribution to helping as many children and adults as possible toward an intensive animal-assisted therapy with dolphins.
You become part of our organization and your financial commitment enables us to plan reliably and to give support and comprehensive advice effectively to every interested family. The minimum contribution amounts to 120 euros per year. You can decide to raise your donation above the minimum as you see fit.

Please use the online form.

Donate by bank transfer

Every euro counts! Help us so dolphins can help children. More on bank transfer or how to donate comfortably using direct debit.

Donation account:
delfine therapieren menschen e.V.
Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN DE86 3005 0110 0020 0022 00

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    Donate online per PayPay

    Via our partner PayPal you can make your donation online in an easy and secure manner. Donate now.

    2 Euro for a smile

    With as little as 2 Euro per month, you are already helping! Grant us your direct debit authorization – revocable at any time – for an amount of your choice. delfine therapieren menschen will withdraw that amount from your account quarterly.

    Please print out the form and fill it out and send it to us
    by fax to: +49 203 – 74 81 063
    or by mail to:
    delfine therapieren menschen e.V.
    Angermunder Str. 9
    D-40489 Düsseldorf

    I donate monthly by direct debit

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      * = Pflichtfelder


      With Gooding, you can do good while shopping online – at no additional cost. Just go to in your web browser. Shop at any of the more than 1,900 affiliated online shops and choose delfine therapieren menschen e. V. as the charity you wish to support with your reward purchase. You can then shop as usual at the online shop of your choice. Your purchase will not cost you even one cent more and we will be credited with the award within three days at the latest.

      You don’t even have to register to shop with Gooding. Instead, you can use guest access. Should you wish to use all the features gooding offers, a one-time registration is recommended.

      Link to our Gooding page:


      Send an SMS with the text DOLPHIN to the following number: 8 11 90. Your Charity SMS helps with a single contriubtion of 5,00 € (plus SMS-charges from your mobile service provider). Mobile service providers forego the proceeds, other than a small fee of 0,17 €.

      Help through volunteering

      Donations and supporting memberships are important to secure the financing of the dolphin therapy program and to give hope to the people concerned and to their relatives. Another way to get involved is through volunteer work. We welcome everyone wishing to support us at events or to inform in other ways about the work we do at delfine therapieren menschen. We are happy to discuss which kind of support best suits you and helps us the most.

      If you are interested, please let us know via email at

      Last will and testament

      Many people would like to do good even beyond death and keep supporting others. With a donation per your last will you give back hope to children and adults with special mental and physical needs. By donating a part of your estate to delfine therapieren menschen, you enable disadvantaged persons to participate in dolphin-assisted therapy.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about donations from a last will.
      Tel: +49 (0)203-74 62 80

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