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Therapy financing

Costs and financing

Dolphin-assisted therapy does not qualify for funding through health insurance. That means that families face enormous costs. Not only the therapy itself but also travel and accommodation have to be paid for.
Therapy is mainly financed through donations. To this end, delfine therapieren menschen will set up a donations account and handle the administration. Some families finance part of the total costs out of their own means. In specific cases, financial support can be applied for at delfine therapieren menschen.
You can find an overview of the expected costs here.

Your donation campaign

Most of the time, our families finance the animal-assisted therapy with dolphins through donation campaigns. We support you with the organization of a campaign and supply helpful tips on how to best draw attention to you and your situation.

Local newspapers, town radio and regional television stations are generally quite ready to report on your case extensively. Social media are very suitable for donation appeals as well. The advantage here is that you will quickly reach wide coverage.
If you are a member of a club or know some active organizations in your neighborhood, you should make use of those, too.
We will support you and provide texts and info materials for you to use.

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