Jan is able to sit in his wheelchair on his own

“For two weeks, Jan has been laughing non-stop even though it was a demanding program for him. He was having fun, looking forward to being with dolphin Nubia and every day he improved in some way. Motor skills, concentration, coordination. His high spirits were contagious for all of us – us parents, the therapists and the whole facility.

Jan has mental and physical handicaps. We have not received a proper diagnosis even after many examinations. In 2018, we were able to attend our first dolphin therapy through dolphin aid and the improvements were mind-blowing. Until that time, Jan needed a chest strap in his wheelchair, ever since then he is able to sit without this support, on his own. Jan also became much more alert, more interested. For us, it was then obvious we wanted to build on these successes. In 2021, we were able to fly to Curaçao for a second time and Jan felt at home there right away. To see and experience this was simply beautiful.

The dolphins are one thing, the other is the therapists. They approach him in a very individual way and encourage him strongly. In 2018, Kati was Jan’s therapist. With her calm ways, she strengthened him so much. It was exactly what he needed during that time. In 2021, the situation was totally different. Jan wanted more action this time and Markus gave him exactly that. They were fooling around a lot and Jan spent two weeks laughing. At the same time, he was working really hard. We could see how tough the exercises were for him. But he was at it with enthusiasm and had so much fun.

Having his four-year old brother there with him was also very important for him. Jan and Jonas are very close and the family swim was an amazing experience for both of them. I think it has brought them even closer together. Jonas will never forget his time with the dolphins and with his brother.”

Tamara Frey

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