Nora speaks more syllables and can concentrate better

“Nora now will see a tractor and say tor. Before her dolphin therapy, this was unthinkable. In these two weeks on Curaçao, she has learned so many new syllables. I would never have dared hope for this. Her attention span has improved extremely.

Nora has a language and developmental disorder and is, at 14 years old, on the level of a three- or four-year old child. To this day, we have not received a diagnosis. That is the reason why we did not consider a dolphin therapy until so late. We did not think that in Nora’s case it could have much of an effect. Other parents with special children, having had very good experiences with dolphin aid, encouraged us to try the dolphin therapy. For Nora, but also for us as a family, the stay at CDTC meant happiness and success all in one. Nora’s younger sister Nala was very well taken care of in the Siblingsprogram and the family swim was a very special moment of togetherness for all of us.

The therapists on Curaçao not only recognized Nora’s potentials but they developed them too. That, to me, is the benefit and special characteristic of this approach. The interplay of water, an individual therapy program and of course the dolphins really motivated Nora. And it is a lasting effect, especially noticeable in school. She is more concentrated, stays with one activity for a longer time and integrates better into her class. The dolphin therapy, in August 2020, has brought so many positive effects for Nora and I really hope that one day we can have her experience it once again.”

Mandy Vanis

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