Noah has become more self-reliant

„Thanks to the incredible amount of support in our hometown, we were very fortunate. We could attend the dolphin therapy at CDTC through dolphin aid for the second time now. The dolphin therapy is a blessing for Noah and we are indefinitely thankful for this gift. It is the total package that is so helpful for Noah: the dolphins, the customized approach to his therapy, the physio- and occupational therapy as well as his speech therapy, all specifically tailored to his needs.

Noah was born prematurely. Totally healthy. But a few days later, cerebral hemorrhage occurred – bleeding to his brain – and he had a stroke. For half a year, he had to undergo one surgery after the other and new problems happened with each of those operations. Ever since then, half his body has been paralyzed. During and after the dolphin therapy in May 2021, Noah has made great progress. He has become much more communicative and attentive. In school, he speaks up more and, above all, he is so much more confident.

Noah knows that he cannot use his right side the way other children can. On Curaçao, he absolutely wanted to do more with his right hand this time. His will to become more self-reliant was always there. And still is ever since our return. Noah uses his right hand more often, actively grasps for things and is motivated to practice with his Galileo electric dumbbell. The spasticity in his right hand has decreased so that it is mostly open and he can use his hand better. Noah and his sister Noemi are very close. What was wonderful: In the siblingsprogram at CDTC, Noemi was not only there with her brother, she was also very well taken care of.”

The Macheleidt family

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