Renée-Sophie has become significantly more motivated

“Renée-Sophie has made a lot of progress. During her therapy she became notably more focused and self-confident. She can swallow, blow, chew and drink much better. The motivation from the dolphin still shows its effect until now. Maybe it is because at home she often watches the therapy video.

Renée-Sophie fell sick in 2011 with an encephalitis at the age of three years. Ever since she has not been able to speak and has logopedic problems, among others chewing and swallowing. At a rehabilitation program we heard about delfine therapieren menschen. We were in luck and received a therapy slot for autumn of 2021. The entire organization through delfine therapieren menschen went smoothly, without a hitch.

The first two weeks at the CDTC were a great experience for the whole family. For Renée-Sophie, swimming and snorkeling with the dolphins was her highlight every day. She learned many commands very quickly and was so proud every time things worked well. We were surprised how well the logopedic exercises went for her on the floating dock. Her will was so strong that she worked more during her exercises than her therapists asked her to. We as parents were filled with pride. Mina and Raphael were able to participate in an exciting sibling program every day. And my husband and I found useful input and ideas in the workshops.

Even the therapists were astonished at her progress. They told us her body tension and also her self-confidence had improved. And Renée-Sophie has found new courage. We are happy we made the decision in favor of dolphin-assisted therapy and will certainly return. We even have our goal for the next therapy all set: Renée-Sophie is finally supposed to live without her burp cloth.”

Anke Krause

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