The therapy surpassed our expectations

“Raphael’s 14-day therapy program has really surpassed our expectations. We were so surprised that he would dare to get in the water with someone he did not know and with such a large animal. Thinking back on it today, we still get goosebumps.

Our son has a very rare genetic defect that is associated with muscular hypotonia and a developmental delay. His pain perception is diminished and he is unable to speak. To let us know what he needs, he points at things. Through social media, we became aware of delfine therapieren menschen e. V. Covid made planning so much more difficult, but after two years, in September 2021, we were finally ready to go and left for Curaçao!

The association organized everything for us and we have not regretted it even for a moment. The entire trip went smoothly, no complications at all. On Curaçao, we already felt well taken care of at the initial consultation. Raphael has made much progress during his dolphin-assisted therapy at the CDTC. He vocalizes more and also differently than he used to and has better concentration and focus during his exercises. His muscular stability has improved so much that he can walk more independently now.

A very special highlight for us was the family swim with the dolphins. Being in the water with the dolphin was such a unique experience. We also love to remember the pelican tour with all the families, organized on location. On this tour, you actually boat into the sunset. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the other families but also to just sit back and relax for a little while. The workshops provided us as parents with many new impulses and ideas for back home.

The outcome of the two-week therapy program has been consistently positive for us. We owe this to the organization by delfine therapieren menschen, the environment on Curaçao, the therapists and the CDTC. We always like to go back to our photo album and the fantastic videos and remember our time there. Most likely, we will return in two years for another dolphin-assisted therapy and are already so much looking forward to it.”

Alexandra Müller-Barthelemy

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