Vincent accepts more physical contact

“For the first time, on Curaçao, a therapist was talking about the things Vincent can do. Normally, it is always about what he cannot do. It is a totally different perspective; a very different approach and I was just amazed.

Vincent was a premature baby. At first, things developed quite typically but then, suddenly, everything changed. At nine months of age, he started having epileptic seizures causing major brain damage. Ever since, Vincent has been severely handicapped, unable to speak. And Vincent is auto-aggressive.

We arrived at the CDTC in January 2021 and I had high hopes. I already knew that Vincent reacts very positively to dolphins. In 2014, Vincent had dolphin therapy in Turkey. As a consequence, we were able to discontinue his antiepileptic medication. Before and after the therapy, an EEG was performed and the result was very clear. Ever since then, he has not needed the medication anymore. Up to today, the effects the dolphins have had on him is inexplicable to me and seems almost like a miracle. We went back one more time but I did not feel comfortable there anymore and Vincent started feeling my discomfort. The dolphins were held in dolphinariums and all of the noise and commotion really put me off.

Quite the difference it was in the therapy center on Curaçao that dolphin aid cooperate with. The dolphins move around in their natural habitat and Vincent received a very individual therapy program. All of this has benefitted Vincent so much. He is calmer and more accepting of physical closeness. An effect that has lasted up to now. To see Vincent in the water with his therapist is still one of my happiest moments. His whole body radiated joy and delight. He was relaxed and happy.”

Sabine Springer

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